Stay Committed To Yourself

Recently landed and struggling to make your career a priority?

You may feel like you’ve got it under control, but have you taken the steps to begin fundamentally changing your relationship with your career?

Here’s where to start.

​Close the Loop Once You Land Your New Role​

As soon as you secure that new role, it’s time to close the loop with the people who assisted you with your search.

Make sure you send a personal email to each of them as soon as possible—but don’t get overwhelmed. If you need to, you can send a few each week.

Your opening paragraph should include a general thank you and information on your new role.

Wherever possible, within the second paragraph, mention something specific that they did to assist you.

For example, “Thank you so much for the introductions into XYZ company. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to make those connections. The help was invaluable.”

Your closing paragraph should include an offer to help them in any way and end with “Let’s stay in touch.”

This will be the beginning of the ongoing cultivation of your relationships with this critical network.

Are you finding it hard to make your career a priority?

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