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& Bulletproof Your Career NOW!

Whether you are happily currently employed,  employed but seeking to move on, or already in transition, my coaching is a proven method to ensure your career (and financial future) is bulletproofed for life.

We're in a "gig" economy, so career transition for most is not an "if" but "when". Knowing this, and how hard and time consuming transition can be, I have carefully crafted workshops, VIP full-day Coaching Intensives, 1-to-1 and group career coaching for senior level executives.

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The Rules Have Changed...and You Must Change Too

So often, clients begin our first discussion by stating, “I was blindsided.” They never anticipated the downsizing, the reallocation of resources, the mergers and acquisitions. They never thought it would happen to them and were caught completely unprepared.

The same old mindset, strategies and tactics simply no longer work. That's why I created my 4-Phase Methodology and Signature Onboarding to Bulletproofing Your Career programs for senior executives. Everything I offer is intended to help you land that next right position without all the frustration and discouragement and also to ensure that you never find yourself on the outside looking in again.

Looking for the Next Right Job?

Then the 4-Phase Bulletproof Your Career Methodology is for You

Over 800 senior executive leaders have used the 4-Phase Bulletproof Your Career Methodology to navigate through an often frustrating and broken hiring system and take control of their careers and financial futures.

Proven to Deliver

Increased clarity

A bulletproof mindset

A shortened search

A lifetime of financial security

Personal ownership of your career

Just Landed a New Position?

Now is the Time to Bulletproof Your Career...for Life

The average tenure of any given position, even for the C-suite, is 3-5 years today. If you have just landed or are happy in your current position, now is perfect time for the Onboarding to BulletProofing Your Career Program.

Benefits of the Program

Protection against an unforeseen job transition

Shortened & easier transition period between positions

Blueprint to hit the ground running

Control over your career destiny

If you are experiencing a sudden and unexpected job loss, Pat's contemporary, surefire approach gives you the upper hand to reboot your career much more quickly.

Serge J.

If you are actively in a job or searching for one, Pat's step-by-step guidance gives you a blueprint on how to achieve success and manage your own career. Without her, I would never had landed the new job I have now!

Susie P.

Pat understands the work/career environment, whether you’re currently in a role or in search, and tells it like it is. If you've recently landed and want to make sure you never find yourself blind sighted in the future by a reorg or acquisition, Pat's Onboard to BulletProof program is essential.  Her program armed me with clear, actionable steps to take to make sure I'm the one in control of my career path.

Rich L. 

I had not interviewed for a job in over 16 years. With that said, Patricia armed me with the strategic thinking to both manage and control/direct my career. Having Patricia in my corner as a business coach was a great asset and made all the difference. 

Leon B.

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