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Imagine If You Never Had To Worry About Your Career (Or Financial Security) Again

For a limited time I'm giving away the first chapter of my new book FREE

This book is for any executive who wants to learn:

  • How the career rules have changed and EXACTLY how to win the game
  • Actionable strategies to build a lifetime network that really works
  • The ONE thing that is more important than a great resume and how to use it to your advantage

About the Book

How many times have you been frozen in your tracks because you just didn’t know what you should do next?

My book breaks down some of the most common roadblocks executives like you run into. You'll discover:

1. That it's not you. The rules of the career game have changed – I'll show you how to win the game.

2. According to 2017 figures, the average tenure was 5.1 years…in the C-suite. Learn how to use that to your advantage to leverage your career moves.

3. The Great Recession changed the way almost every company does business, including hiring practices. Learn the ins and outs of those hiring practices in order to market yourself as the best candidate for the job YOU want.

4. Insider hiring secrets that will transform the way you approach your career and the job opportunities that go along with it.

NOW is the time to commit to putting your destiny in your own hands.
Take action to bulletproof your career for your entire lifetime.

What People Are Saying

"Pat has used her years of recruiting and executive coaching to articulate a simple truth.  ‘We are constantly in transition, with some full-time gigs in between.' This book is the slap in the face necessary to accept that statement, change your mindset, learn the skills to have a long successful career, and enjoy your life along the way.  Pat provides the tools to build your capabilities to excel in this new environment.  She packs a strong one, two punch that is equally applicable to those in full time roles, and those in transition."

Doug D.

"Heed the warning. Patricia Romboletti captures the harsh realities of how today’s ‘gig’ economy blind sights even the most secure executives and the impact sudden job loss has on one’s psyche, self-esteem and personal life. This book is rooted in years of practice with sound tips and a step-by-step process on how to ‘reboot’ your career, whether you already are ‘in transition’ or are oblivious to the fact that one day you too will be, regardless of how good you think you are. Clarity begets clarity and Patricia forces you to truly reflect before you embark on your next career adventure. For most, a successful, progressive career has strayed you from the passionate, engaged you; that twelve-year-old that dreamed of becoming a train conductor and became a company executive. This is where you start. If you do, you’ll stop aimlessly firing resumes, chasing the role that you already lost, and focus first on defining what new opportunity you truly want for yourself. You’ve earned it. Go get it using this contemporary, surefire approach."

- Serge J.

"Pat nails it, from the underestimated mindset needed for a job change or job transition, the strategy to go about it and then the pragmatic tactics to make it happen. Protecting and growing your career is no longer just about working hard and believing it will all be fine if the results are there, and Pat explains why and how to take action now. The concepts in this book also apply to entrepreneurs and independent consultants working to grow their businesses. This book has it all, I wish it was available 10 years ago!"

Rob K.

"What a great book. I felt like Patricia knew me and was in my head.  This book is exactly what I have been experiencing in my second half of my career and it has given me the boost needed to find that PERFECT Career again.  I am one of the many impacted by Corporate America downsizing and this book has given me the courage and excitement to take the lead and go make it happen. I am confident that this roadmap and process will allow me to find my exciting career position again!  Thank you, Ms. Romboletti for the coaching and direction!"

- Steve S.

"Pat is straightforward, candid and concise with her advise throughout the book, "Bulletproof your Career" has gems of information for everyone at any career stage, whether in transition or happy in your current position. It's a "Must Read" for today's career environment. Pat's advice is invaluable!"

- Sandi G.

"A book to live by. Bulletproof Your Career is just like Patricia Romboletti herself -- positive, powerful and packed with clear-cut direction. If you find yourself flat-footed and armorless while trying to navigate the new landscape of career search and transition, invest in yourself with this sound blueprint, then pay it forward." 

- Adrianne W.

"Pat's book is spot on for everyone's career. If you are actively in a job or searching for one, she gives you a blueprint on how to achieve success and manage your own career. I have had the benefit of knowing Pat and being part of her workshops...even better. I can confidently say if I had her insights earlier in my career, not only would mine have been different but the people that I could have positively impacted would be immeasurable. It is a great read and easy the book for you, your kids and your friends!"

- Joe P.

"When is the last time you had a professional mentor? When is the last time you had a mentor to prepare you for the inevitable job transition that is awaiting you in the future? While there are many coaches out there, few genuinely serve as a mentor to help you change the perspective of your career. Pat Romboletti is such a person. In "Bulletproof Your Career", Pat invests her experience and wisdom in a mindset changing work designed to help you be more successful."

- Barry R.

"This is a great playbook for those who are looking for a job change or those in job transition. This book illustrates strategies for moving the ball forward in an ever-changing job market. Pat provides such smart advice, I purchased an additional book for a friend!"


"This book will be in my reference desk moving forward. Pat understands myth vs reality in the highly competitive career environment we live in and tells it like it is in her book. Whether people are currently in a role or in transition, this book is a must. She uses all her years of experience to build a long-term blueprint for success to follow and tells the story in her own familiar, warm way. A jewel indeed."

- Roberto A.

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