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About the Book

How many times have you been frozen in your tracks because you just didn’t know what you should do next?

My book breaks down some of the most common roadblocks executives like you run into. You'll discover:

1. That it's not you. The rules of the career game have changed – I'll show you how to win the game.

2. According to 2017 figures, the average tenure was 5.1 years…in the C-suite. Learn how to use that to your advantage to leverage your career moves.

3. The Great Recession changed the way almost every company does business, including hiring practices. Learn the ins and outs of those hiring practices in order to market yourself as the best candidate for the job YOU want.

4. Insider hiring secrets that will transform the way you approach your career and the job opportunities that go along with it.

NOW is the time to commit to putting your destiny in your own hands.
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What People Are Saying

Because of my weekly virtual talks with Pat, I recently landed (as of 8/1) and am on the way to bigger and better things.  Pat was a tremendous influence getting me through the lock down.  I found her coaching so insightful and far better than anyone else in the market.

Brian K.

Pat provides the tools to build your capabilities to excel in the career environment. She packs a strong one-two punch that is equally applicable to wanting to protect their current roles as well as those in transition.

Doug D.

I’m excited to share that I have just accepted a new position! Thank you so much for all of your help and counsel. I will forever be indebted to you for helping me to get through one of the toughest seasons of my life.

Annisa H.

Bulletproof Your Career has gems of information for everyone at any career stage, whether in transition or happy in your current position. It's a "Must Read" for today's career environment. Pat's advice is straightforward, concise and invaluable!"

Sandi G.

If you don’t know Pat, you should. She is ‘must know,’ ‘must follow.’ Her TED talk changed the way I manage my career. Please listen to her. It’s the best 14-minutes you’ll have!

Anna M.

I’m blessed to have met Pat. She helped me create a digital brand to tell my unique story of 20 years of success as an IT executive. Using her methodical process, I became skilled at my search and interview process. Then I landed. Pat's authenticity comes through in her tireless desire to see others succeed and she is a guru of optimism that WILL change your ‘mindset’.

Tony T.

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