It’s Not You, but It’s Up to You

When can you start? These will be welcome words, and for many, a very big relief.

If you have had a prolonged gap in your employment, you are not returning to the same workplace you left. But if you want to successfully Bulletproof Your Career … For Life, you must realize that you are not returning to the same one you were groomed for when you first started your career, either.

The prolonged impact of Covid 19 and the continuing inconsistency about return to work policies creates new territory to navigate. In the near term, you will need to prepare yourself to adjust and adapt to the complexities of the dominant models of remote work or hybrid work. If you neglect to consider the impact of the workplace changes, you could sabotage your success in your new role. The reading list here will help you prepare.

But well beyond the complications of Covid, the more important thing to remember is that corporate America has fundamentally changed its relationship to you, which is why I am on a mission to fundamentally change your relationship to your career.

Promises Change Over Time

When you started your career, the promise was simple. As long as you delivered the expected results, you would have a job.

The economist Milton Friedman started a shift that changed that promise over time. When you combine that with the continuous disruption that I spoke of in my TEDx talk brought on by the technological revolution, it is clear that the rules have changed, and you must change too.

So, in view of this reality, it is important to remember that one of the trickiest and perhaps cruelest new rules Is this:

Past performance, no matter how great, is not a guarantee of a future employment. You must shift your mindset and accept the fact that you need to maintain Bulletproof activities, no matter how perfect your new role and new company may be.

YOU ARE A FREE Agent. You are the CEO of your Career.

Start Here to Begin to Take Charge

Taking Charge Requires:

Acceptance of two critical facts–

  1. The rules have changed

A major mindset shift

Especially shifting your loyalty and accepting that the rules have changed.

Development of unshakeable confidence

Confidence in the value you bring will empower you to think and act like a free agent.

Replacing old habits with new habits

Your old habits cause you to neglect the activities that will ensure that you Bulletproof Your Career! Your new habits begin with scheduling time for activities that will ensure that you are never blindsided and always have career options.

In my next post, I’ll give you more tips on how to take charge and Bulletproof Your Career. . . For LIFE!