You earned the role, you deserve the role, you can do the role

Why is this important to remember? Because when you start any new role, the dreaded Imposter Syndrome will naturally take over. After all, you have more to do than just learn your new role. You must learn about the company and their products or services, about the culture, about your manager, team and peers, and in some instances, about a new industry. It is only natural that your confidence would be impacted with all the learning that is required in the early weeks after landing.

What is the imposter syndrome? The simple definition of this syndrome is when you doubt your accomplishments or skills and are afraid of “being found out.”

To help yourself believe that you did earn the role, deserve the role, and can do the role, you can start by reminding yourself that you went through a rigorous hiring process before you were offered the role. Do you really think you fooled everyone? And you are bringing years of experience and a track record of achievements. You can do this role.

As you start any new role, you will be stepping out of your comfort and as you can see from the graphic below, the first step out is into the “fear zone.” That is where the imposter syndrome usually kicks in. Understanding the impact of getting out of your comfort zone and being prepared for that is critical, otherwise you will beat yourself up and even worse, you may even begin to sabotage yourself.

These post-landing mindset reminders will help:

Here are Some Post-Landing Mindset Reminders to Keep in Mind:

  • Be Authentic! They hired the authentic you, so you can’t go wrong by showing up as the most authentic version of yourself.
  • You will be overwhelmed. Accept that the first 90-days will be challenging and strive for excellence and doing better every day, not mastery and perfection.
  • Ask questions! You will never have more permission to ask questions than in your first 60-90 days in your new role. And, when you hear “let me know if I can help” don’t ignore the offer
  • Your head will be spinning in those early days. Get your thoughts out of your head and down on paper by journaling.
  • Watch your self-talk. Would you talk to someone you cared about that way? If not, flip your rhetoric to something that will support you.
  • Don’t let fear stifle your thinking. They hired you to add value. Don’t hold back on offering your ideas, suggestions, observations.
  • Spend time curating your confidence. Your mindset drives your confidence, and your confidence drives your destiny. This document will dive deeper into this topic.

​The last and perhaps most important reminder is to GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE! In the early days, everything will take 10X longer, virtually everything will be a mystery—until it isn’t! And that is the point. If you give yourself some grace you will soon find that you have caught on, sped up, and stepped into your new role with all of your authentic self!

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