Part 2: Plan A/Plan B—B as in Bulletproof!

Last week, we discussed the two runways of an active job search. It’s vital to evaluate both your financial runway (how much money you have and how long will it last) and your emotional runway (the toll the search is taking on your overall well-being) to keep your mindset intact during your job search.

This week, we’re going to uncover complexities to steer clear of during your job search.

Here is what I don’t want to see happen to you:


So, now you see that you are nearing the end of one or both of your runways, you decide that you need to revert to the industry you came from and begin to put most if not all of your efforts there. And then you make another discovery—all your interviews include a lot of questions about what you have been doing all these months, and you get a very real sense that interviewers are very concerned about getting to the bottom of the time gap. You have created unnecessary complexity in a process that is already complex enough!

I have heard stories like the scenarios above too often and don’t want this to be you.

Stay tuned for next week’s addition to this newsletter series focusing on how to start developing your Plan A / Plan B strategy.

Remaining bulletproof is a commitment you make to yourself. Take it from our community of Bulletproofers, the hard work pays off.

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