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What You'll Get From the Bulletproof Your Career Interactive Course and Book Club Community

Our careers today are much different than they were 40 years ago. The gold watch days are over and now we need to learn how to navigate the constantly changing landscape of the market. 

My course was made to help professionals like you learn how to find their way through the gig economy. Transitions are coming and there is no way to escape them. Being prepared and ahead of the change not only gives you a sense of security but freedom. Freedom to take the reins of your career and guide yourself where you truly want to go. 

Don’t wait for another second to let your career run you. Join the course and learn how to gain control over your career and your life.

We take all the lessons you will learn from reading my book and turn them into bite-sized lessons, accompanied by videos, unique content and writing prompts so that you can fundamentally change your relationship to your career

Learn to Bulletproof Your Career...For Life!


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Throughout the span of my 28-day course, you’ll explore ALL the action steps you need to start fundamentally changing your relationship to your career.

You only need 14 minutes out of your busy day to engage in a thought-provoking curriculum.

The Bulletproof Your Career course is a great way to immerse yourself in the principles of my book. Transform the written words into a living, breathing experience designed to help you take charge of your career for life.

Join more than 200 people who have already enriched their career journey with this 5-star course. It’s an essential and personal experience that will take your career to the next level with me right by your side.


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Breaking Down the Experience, Week-by-Week

  • In Week One, you’ll learn to aim with intent through seven extensive lessons. These clarity-focused lessons include five exercises/prompts and are accompanied by four videos to enhance your experience.
  • In Week Two, you’ll perfect your warrior position through eight extensive lessons. Focus on mastering your mindset with seven exercises/prompts and two videos to enhance your experience.
  • In Week Three, you’ll weaponize your words to develop a powerful network through seven extensive lessons. Learn how to embrace your second-level connections with seven exercises/prompts and two videos to enhance your experience.
  • In Week Four, you’ll learn how to remain Bulletproof… For Life through eight extensive lessons. Plan and execute your career blueprint with eight exercises/prompts and two videos to enhance your experience.

Here’s some of the unique insights you’ll get in the Bulletproof Your Career Course:

  • Understand what it takes to fundamentally change your relationship to your career
  • Learn actionable steps to Bulletproof Your Career... For Life
  • Understand how to build a network that works for you
  • Get clarity and confidence to communicate your personal brand and stand out from the sea of sameness
  • Score insider recruiter insights for effective outreach
  • Find out how to position yourself as an expert in your industry

Course Overview

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What You Receive in the Course

  • Kindle version of Bulletproof Your Career
  • Unlimited access to this course
  • 2 - 30 minute live Q&As during your 28-day cohort experience
  • Access to a private LinkedIn group for group discussion
  • Tools to put your career destiny into your own hands

Once you fill out the information on the member sign up page, you will be redirected to PayPal to finish the process by adding your payment information. If you have any trouble signing up feel free to contact us at client@bulletproofyourcareer.com

Previous subscribers get complimentary access to this course. If you have not received a link, please email us and we can get you your credentials.