4 Tips for Surviving in the Gig Economy in 2022

We’re well into the end-of-year hustle and bustle. Don’t get lost. Take time to focus on your goals as you wrap up 2021 and say hello to 2022.

Like I said in my Ted talk, you need to think and act like a gigger. Now and in the future, more than ever before.

4 Tips for Surviving in the Gig Economy in 2022

Be Highly Adaptable

Adaptation is a key to survival in the Gig Economy. As life’s events speed up and stop, you have to go with the flow. Remaining nimble and being able to roll with changes is a notable quality for any individual. Our biggest vulnerability is a reluctance to change.

Be Open to New Opportunities

Be open to a wide variety of “gigs.” You can look for new opportunities inside your current company-where is their growth-where is the company investing? And when a recruiter calls-just be willing to listen-it costs you nothing and it could open the door to the future you had hoped for when you landed the last time. Keep your head up and your mind on the future, no matter where you are at right now.

Build a Financial Safety Net

Having a financial safety net to access without penalty is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Literally. It’s time to disrupt yourself and start building a financial foundation that you can rely on.

Curate and Cultivate a Broad Community

Constantly build your network. Fly outside of your cocoon of connections, and seek out contacts in target companies and industries and connect to industry thought leaders. Be sure to expand your network within your current company-perhaps in another division or subsidiary.

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